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10 Most Dangerous Dinosaurs

Let’s travel back in time and talk about some of the most dangerous animals to roam the planet. It’s a real blessing that these guys have ceased to exist otherwise human existence would have been impossible. This particular list discusses ten of the most dangerous dinosaurs. The good part is that they are never coming back to life again, although a first-hand experience on their way of life would have been interesting; dangerous, but really interesting. I hope this list proves to be educative. Enjoy the read!


This was the first dinosaur discovered from the Yixian Formation. They were indigenous of north eastern China and were there during Cretaceous period. They belong to the Compsognathus family. They had a short arms and a long tail as shown in the picture.



As it is shown in the picture they are small dinosaur and look like a bird in general. They lived in Cretaceous period. They belong to the Troodontidae family. Their fossil was found in North America. Their length was 2.5 meter and they were 50 kilogram weighted. The meaning of their name is “wounding tooth.”



Ankylosaurus belong to the family of Ankylosauridae and the meaning of their name is fused lizard. There maximum length is up to nine meter and their maximum weight is 6,000 kilogram. Their time period was Cretaceous and they were found in Northern America.



These giant size dinosaurs belong to the Pholidosauridae family. There living period can be trace back around 112 million years ago. These are probably among the biggest dinosaurs ever lived. Their normal length was 12 meter and they were over 8 tones weighted. Their fossil was found in Africa.



Allosaurus belongs to the Allosauridae family and they were found in around 155 million years ago. Allosaurus means “different Lizards”. Their normal length was 9 meter and according to the one of opinion they may grow to the maximum length of 12 meter. And they were 2.3 metric tons weighted. Oh my god such a monstrous creature they were.



Liopleurodon dinosaur belongs to the Pilosauroidea family. As shown form the meaning of the name they had smooth sided teeth and were marine reptiles. They were found in the Jurassic period but their fossils were found in England and France. Their normal length was 25 meter.



These dinosaurs belong to the Pilosauroidea family. Their fossils were found in Australia. The meaning of their name is “Lizard of Kronos”. Their average length was 13 meter. They had large teeth up to seven centimeter which may grow to the thirty centimeter.



These dinosaurs belong to the Diplodocoidea family. Their average length is forty to sixty meter and they were 122 metric tons weighted. I guess these are the longest species of its family. Their fossils were lost so there is no vast information available about them.



These vibrant dinosaurs were lived about 75 million years ago. They were as well part of Cretaceous period. They were found in China and Mongolia. They belong to the Dromaeosauridae family. Their average length was two meter and they were up to fifteen kilogram weighted.



They belong to the Tyrannosauridae family. The meaning of their name is “Tyrant Lizard”. Their fossil was found in Western North America. Their normal length was up to 12 meter and they were around six meter weighted. They had long tail and short arms as we all have seen in famous Jurassic Park movie.

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