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Searchbutton About CRASPEDODON


Pronunciation : kras-PED-o-don
Meaning : Edged tooth
Named by : Dollo (1883)
Previous names : None known
First discovery : Namur, Belgium
Roar factor : 2/10

Craspedodon lonzeensis

Craspedodon is a Late Cretaceous ornithischian known only from a trio of teeth discovered in the Lonzée member of Namur and named by Louis Dollo in 1883.

Its chompers, complete with bulbous and serrated crowns, were long thought to be from an Iguanodontian but a restudy by Godefroit and Lambert in 2007 led to the conclusion that they may actually belong to a Neoceratopsian, perhaps closer to Turanoceratops (a Ceratopsid or not, depending on whether you follow Sues or Farke) than Protoceratops (a Protoceratopsian), which would make Craspedodon the first definite Neoceratopsian known from Europe.

Unfortunately there is nothing definite about Craspedodon. There isn't a huge difference between the teeth of Neoceratopsians and those of Iguanodontians so it's impossible to assign them to one or the other with any real certainty. For this reason Craspedodon is considered highly dubious which would normally guarantee exclusion from our database, but we're going to give Belgium this one because their chocolate is so damn good.

(Edged Tooth of Lonzée) Etymology

The name Craspedodon is derived from the Greek "kraspedon" (edge or border) and "odon" (tooth) referring to the notched or "scalloped" border on the edge of its teeth. The species epithet, lonzeensis, is named to honor the village of Lonzée in the Namur Province of Belgium.


Unearthed at the Glauconie argileuse of Namur, Belgium, in 1883, the "edge Tooth" holotype (IRSNB 390), consists of three teeth.

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